A Pilot’s Honour Radio Drama on Newstalk 106-108FM

A Pilot’s Honour

In this gripping and haunting radio thriller, a US fighter pilot almost killed in Iraq finds unexpected love on Ireland’s wild western shore.

Captain Bob Conway’s soul is broken, just like his body was in Iraq. In the effort to rebuild himself, he travels to Galway in Ireland, where he meets and falls in love with a beautiful young student. But Bob and Mary’s lives are still being shaped by the past and by powers thousands of miles away. Those powers will compel them to face each other’s secrets, leaving Conway with a terrible choice: can the pilot save his honour, can he hold on to his soul?

Producer Alan Meaney and writer/director Jason Gill fashion a tale of political intrigue and love among the ruins left behind by 21st Century wars: ‘A Pilot’s Honour.’

‘A Pilot’s Honour’ will be broadcast on Newstalk 106-108FM on Sunday August 20th 2017 at 8am, with repeat broadcast on Saturday August 26th at 10pm. Listen live on www.newstalk.com

Podcast available at www.newstalk.com/documentaryonnewstalk after the broadcast.

Written and directed by Jason Gill.
Produced, recorded and edited by Alan Meaney.

Bob Conway played by Joe Steiner
Mary Lacey played by Martina Dolan
Seamus Lacey played by Martin Kelleher
Agent played byRonan Flynn

The programme was funded by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland with the Television License Fee

In Tom Crean’s Footsteps on RTE Documentary on One

My first RTE Documentary on One; ‘In Tom Crean’s Footsteps’ will be aired on RTE Radio one on Saturday August 5th at 1pm with a repeat on Sunday 6th August at 7pm. It will be available to listen to online from Friday 4th August.

Tom Crean is an Irish hero.  In 1916, he was part of Ernest Shackleton’s Endurance Expedition to the Antarctic and one of the greatest adventure stories ever told. When the Endurance became trapped in pack ice and sank the crew piled into three small lifeboats and sailed to the unihabited Elephant Island.  But rescue was 1500 kilomteres away, through some of the world’s roughest oceans and Crean, along with Shackleton and a small crew, somehow navigated a flimsy wooded boat through mountainous waves and freezing temperatures to the island of South Georgia. Exhausted and starving, the men then trekked 48km across sheer peaks and deep crevasses before raising the alarm and rescuing their crew.

One hundred years later their feat is still celebrated as one of the greatest survival stories.

Now, Tom’s granddaughter Aileen, her two sons and her partner will attempt to follow the men’s treacherous journey across South Georgia.  Aileen Crean O’Brien grew up listening to the stories of her famous grandfather, Tom. He died before she was born, but her home was full of memorabilia from his expeditions, including his sailor’s ‘diddy box’ which she found as a child in her mother’s bedroom. It contained his Albert and polar medals and Aileen was determined to one day follow in his footsteps.

Aileen, Bill, Morgan and Cian have been training for the expedition for the last two years by dragging tires up and down the Kerry hills.   To keep to the same route as Tom Crean on South Georgia they will have to drag heavy sleds called pulks around crevasses; deep cracks in the ice and across glaciers. They will encounter katabatic winds, sheer cliffs and some of the roughest seas in the world.

RTE Documentary On One follows the family from the Tom Crean Fish & Wine Restaurant in Kenmare, Co. Kerry to the Crean glacier, Crean Lake and Shackleton Waterfall of South Georgia.

Can Aileen honour Tom’s memory and complete the six day sea crossing and four day traverse of this isolated island at the bottom of the world?


*** Thanks to Aileen and family for letting me tell their story, Shona McCarthy for telling me about Aileen Crean’s granddaughter in Kenmare and Rob Mulhern from Doc on One for Production Supervision.

Radio Dramas Nominated for UK International Radio Drama Festival 2017

I’m thrilled that two radio dramas that I produced ‘Fairies Only Wear Wings‘ and ‘The Prime of Johnny Broody‘ have been shortlisted for the 2017 UK International Radio Drama Festival.  It is taking place in Herne Bay in Kent from the 20th-25th February.  They were both written and directed by Jason Gill.  Both were funded by the BAI under the Sound & Vision scheme.

The Prime of Johnny Broody on Midlands 103

A dark Irish comedy of greed, lust and sandwich making. Johnny Broody has two spirits watching over him, as he cares for his dying mother. His impending fortune causes many attempts to sway him in the small fictional village of Caherdaniel.

On a windswept Irish bog positioned somewhere in the afterlife, two Irish ghosts meet to narrate the story of Johnny Broody’s prime.
Johnny is a teetotal bachelor in his fifties who has spent most of his life caring for his mother, the bitter and entirely villainous Bridie. His life up to now has been cloistered and empty of incident – and most of the neighbours think he’s a bit of an eejit – but Bridie is finally about to cast off her mortal coil, and Johnny is about to come into quite a bit of money.

Johnny’s imminent affluence attracts the attention of a host of greedy neighbours, including the local Senator, who also happens to be the uncle of a girl Johnny jilted – at the fearsome Bridie’s insistence – thirty years ago. The situation is also complicated by the arrival of Johnny’s younger brother, Billy, desperate for a slice of the cake now that the old girl is finally on the way out.
Johnny isn’t quite as gormless as his neighbours assume, and he has a plan to escape – but will it be enough?

This programme is funded by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland with the Television Licence Fee.

The Prime of Johnny Broody written and directed by Jason Gill.  Produced, recorded and edited by Alan Meaney Listen on Midlands 103 at 7pm on Tuesday 20th December 2016. Listen live on Midlands 103, www.midlands103.com/radioplayer/ and http://tunein.com/radio/Midlands-103-1035-s80566/

Sound Conversations every week on RTÉ Radio One Extra


I’m very pleased that Sound Conversations, which I made with La Cosa Preziosa will air every Wednesday at 17.45 and 23.45 on RTÉ Radio One Extra   starting on Wednesday December 16th.  It was funded by The Broadcasting Authority of Ireland with the Television Licence Fee.  It will follow the same line up as previous airings on Flirt FM:

Episode 1 – Kevin Brew

Kevin Brew from RTE Radio Drama on One. He has produced for Radio 1’s Rattlebag and The Arts Show while making series such as Sound Stories, Mixtape, and Sound Stories Live.

Kevin Brew http://bit.ly/1HvHJlb

Episode 2 – Bernard Clarke

Bernard Clarke, award winning sound artist and presenter of RTE Lyric FM’s Nova programme. Bernard takes us behind the scenes of Lyric FM & discusses his creative journey.

Bernard Clarke http://bit.ly/1L3nHAD

Episode 3 – Liv O’Donoghue

Liv O’Donoghue, choreographer and performer whose work has been presented widely throughout Europe including the UK, Sweden, Germany, Latvia, Italy, Austria and Norway.

Liv O’Donoghue http://www.livodonoghue.com/

Episode 4 – Steve Fanagan

Steve Fanagan, musician and award winning sound designer, editor and re-recording mixer, based at Ardmore Sound and Screenscene.

Steve Fanagan http://www.stevefanagan.com/

Episode 5 – Ronan Kelly

Ronan Kelly; radio producer and feature-maker, of RTÉ’s much loved ‘Doc on One’. He takes us to The Grand Canal in Dublin and discusses his work.

Ronan Kelly www.rte.ie/radio1/doconone/2009/0605/…


Episode 6 – Marta Toropow

Marta Toropow; gifted sound healer and teacher who has been working in Sound Healing for over eight years. She explains the healing properties of particular frequencies.

Marta Toropow www.sound-healing.ie/?id=144

Episode 7 – Tony Langlois

Tony Langlois; lecturer in media, sound artist and musicologist. He spoke to us on the steps of the famous Church of St. Anne’s (with the Shandon Bells) church in Cork.

Tony Langlois http://tonylanglois.ie/

Episode 8 – Dave Lordan

Dave Lordan; poet, educator and author He spoke to us in a very busy Temple Bar and Meeting House square, where he performs a poem.

Dave Lordan: http://bogmanscannon.com/my-work-as-a…

Episode 9 – Roisin Coyle

Roisin Coyle; visual artist. She spoke to us at the Long Walk in Galway about how sound has become increasingly important in her work.

Roisin Coyle www.roisincoyle.com/

Episode 10 – Garret Farrell

Garret Farrell; sound re-recording mixer. He spoke to us in the spare room in his house in Dublin about his career path and the differences in mixing a short and a feature film.

Garret Farrell www.screenscene.ie/people/garret-farr…

Episode 11 – Softday

Softday; sound artists Sean Taylor and Mikael Fernstrom. They chat in one of their ‘bunkers’ in a cafe in Limerick about over 15 years of collaboration and their various projects.

Softday: http://www.softday.ie/

Episode 12 – Brendan Rehill

Brendan Rehill: audio engineer and sound artist. He brings us to the grounds of Trinity College to escape the bustle of the city and to chat about his technical and creative work.

Brendan Rehill: http://www.brendanrehill.com/

Episode 13 – Mairead O’Connor

Mairead O’Connor: radio producer. We walk around People’s Park in Limerick City and discuss her move from education to radio and her award winning work with Grey Heron Media.

Mairead O’Connor: http://greyheron.ie/

Episode 14 – Colin J. Morris

Colin J Morris: composer and audio engineer. We met him at his studio in Greystones, where he discussed composing music for film and TV, field recording and parenthood.

Colin Morris: http://www.colinjmorris.com

Episode 15 – Anthony Kelly & David Stalling

David Stalling & Anthony Kelly: Sound artists. In The Royal Marine Hotel, we discussed the nature of collaboration, how sound creativity can be inspired by childhood, and more.

Anthony & David: http://www.radiossilent.org/


Sound Conversations To Air on Resonance Extra


Resonance Extra is going to be airing Sound Conversations every week for the next 5 weeks at 11.30pm on Tuesdays from July 5th.  Each episode will be half an hour and will feature 3 conversations per show.  You can listen online at https://extra.resonance.fm/

Resonance Extra is a pioneering new digital radio platform launched in December 2015, available on DAB to listeners in Central Brighton and online to the rest of the world. Dedicated foremost to the global artistic community and with a focus on long–form international music programming and sonic experimentation, Resonance Extra exists to mobilise diverse and emergent communities of sound artists, musicians, broadcasters, academics and expert curators.

Heads Up Wins CRAOL Award

  • CRAOL Award 2016

I’m delighted that Heads Up is the winner of CRAOL Awards 2016 – Distinction in the category of Commissioned Programming.

Myself and co-producer/presenter Mary Owens worked hard on the programme for Flirt FM and it was an important programme to make in terms of provding support and encouraging positive mental helath for students in Galway.

It is great to be recognised and we couldn’t have done it with out the help of presenter/sound engineer Eoghan Holland, reporters Blue Hanley and Paul Corcoran and the many different contributors and artists on the show.  The programme was made possible with the support of the BAI’s Sound & Vision funding scheme.

The judges said about the series:

‘Heads Up focuses on mental health to a specific, but crucial, sector of our population – students. It is often assumed that students are having a great time without considering the social pressures that they may be under and that may be getting the better of them. Heads Up provides media insight and support to this problem. It is a courageous and informative programme.’

Sound Conversations included in Syntone’s Selection of Radio Programmes


Thanks to Syntone, a French website dedicated to radiophonic art for including Sound Conversations in it’s list of podcasts and programmes focusing on sound and listening to check out.  It is a great privilage to be included with programmes by Amanda Robles and Audrey Ginstet, Thomas Baumgartner and probably my favourite podcast at the moment – Tim Hinman’s Sound Matters.

CAKE for RTÉjr Nominated for New York Festival Awards

NY awards 2016


The programme CAKE (Culture and Arts for Kids and Everyone) has been nominated for the New York festival Radio Awards 2016 in the category of Best Children/Young Adult Programme.  It was a great programme to work on and I was happy to contribute as a reporter and editor.  Thanks to my niece Liadh and her friend Hannah, who were ‘mini reporters’.

Congratulations to my fellow Independent Producers who have been nominated this year.  You can see the full list of nominees here.

RTÉjr Wins Radio Station of the Year at the Celtic Media Awards


RTÉjr recently won Radio Station of the Year at the Celtic Media Awards.  I’m extremely proud to have been part of the team.