Matthew E. White Interview

Bruce by Feedmeweirdthings on Mixcloud

I got to chat to the great Richmond, Virginia musician Matthew E. White before his show at the Roisin Dubh.  He was pretty jetlagged after travelling from Australia and his giant beard seemed to swallow up my mic a bit.  But he was gracious and intelligent and we chatted about his record label and recording studio Spacebomb Records, his writing process with the band and his live show.  You can listne to the interview as part of Feed Me Weird Things and there’s a new song from Matt and Natalie Prass opening the show.  Thanks to Gugai for setting it up.

Dead Albatross 2015

Dead Albatross 2015 Special by Feedmeweirdthings on Mixcloud

The Dead Albatross Music Prize continues this year celebrating the best in underground music from Britain and Ireland.  This year there are two categories – new music and reissues.  I did an hour long special on the awards on Feed Me Weird Things.  You can find out the winners on Kamikze’s show on Reel Rebels Radio on Wednesday the 28th October at 8.30pm.

Colm Mac Con Iomaire Interview

Colm Mac Con Iomaire by Alanmeaney on Mixcloud

The Frames Colm Mac Con Iomare is an incredible fiddle player, and an amazing all round musician. He has just released his second solo album ‘And Now The Weather (Agus Anois An Aimsir)’. I spoke to him about the album, his methods of composing, his live show and The Frames 25th anniversary.


Jinx Lennon Interview

Jinx Lennon Interview by Flirt Fm 101.3 on Mixcloud

The always provocative and wonderful Jinx Lennon plays in Monroes in Galway on April 12th.  I spoke to him ahead of the gig.  An exclusive new track is included at the end.

Silas House Interview

Silas House Interview by Flirt Fm 101.3 on Mixcloud

I spoke to Silas House as part of NUIG’s Arts In Action about Jean Ritchie, the ‘mother of folk’, her legacy, connections to Ireland and her influences on Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell and Joan Baez.

Dead Albatross 2014

Dead Albatross 2014 Special by Feedmeweirdthings on Mixcloud

I am lucky enough to be one of the judges in the second year of The Dead Albatross Music Awards.

The community-spirited, DIY carnival of sound returns for its second year, following the success of last year’s award.

Designed to run alongside The Mercury Prize, Dead Albatross promises to showcase an honest, real, and exciting cross-section of the huge variety of music created within the UK and Ireland over the past year.

The selected 25 albums for the shortlist that we feel paint a beautiful picture of the UK music scene as we know it, and in this show I pick my top 10 and also speak to Kamikaze, who established the awards and Dolly Dolly, one of the nominees.

So Cow Interview & Session

So Cow Interview & Session by Flirt Fm 101.3 on Mixcloud

Brian Kelly from So Cow had a chat with me in studio and played a few tunes.

Squarehead Interview and Session

Squarehead Interview & Session by Flirt Fm 101.3 on Mixcloud

The lads from Squarehead came into the studio to have a chat to me and to play a few tunes.



Oh Boland Interview & Session

Oh Boland Interview & Session by Flirt Fm 101.3 on Mixcloud

Local noiseniks Oh Boland came into the Flirt Fm studios to chat to me about Tuam, their pre-stage rituals and their upcoming split EP on Popical Island.

My Fellow Sponges Interview & Session

My Fellow Sponges Interview & Session by Flirt Fm 101.3 on Mixcloud

Galway band My Fellow Sponges visited the Flirt FM studios ahead of the launch of their ‘Something Like Light’ EP. They have a chat about how they formed, the songwriting process and the new EP and they play the song Finisterre.