Feed Me Weird Things

Sound Art Special by Feedmeweirdthings on Mixcloud

Sound Art Special

Flirt FM 101.3 Presents Feed Me Weird Things – Sound Art Special 29th May ’13

‘Sound art’ is a term for a diverse set of art practices which utilize sound and listening as the subject matter and material.

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Here are the contributors and where to find more of their work:

Alan Meaney – http://alanmeaney.ie
La Cosa Preziosa – www.lacosapreziosa.com
Steve McCourt – www.stevemccourt.net
Aonghus McEvoy – https://soundcloud.com/aonghus-mcevoy
Gavin Prior – www.desertedvillage.com
Natalia Crep’t – http://thesunkenhum.tumblr.com/
Robin Parmar – http://robinparmar.com/
Ruairi o’ Baoighill – https://soundcloud.com/ruairiobaoighill
Mairead O’Connor – http://www.greyheron.ie/
Declan Kelly – http://www.abandonreasonrecords.com/
Tony Langlois – http://zelloloid.org/
Eamonn Bailey – https://www.myspace.com/eamonnbailey