Strolling Through Ulysses

‘Strolling Through Ulysses’ tells the fun-filled story of Bloomsday - June 16th 1904 - the iconic day around which James Joyce’s Ulysses is based.

This two part radio drama guides listeners through the curious events and quirky characters of Ulysses, in a humorous, entertaining and informative manner, with extracts from the novel which best illustrate the various aspects of Joyce’s writing - the comical, the descriptive and the complex – without compromising the integrity of the great book.

Using a combination of narration, readings and scripted drama, listeners will learn all they need to know about ‘Ulysses’ over two episodes of merriment.

Joyce, speaking about Ulysses, once famously declared, ‘there is not one serious line in it.’ ‘Strolling Through Ulysses’ certainly proves that.


On the 100th Anniversary of the publication of Joyce’s famous novel, tune in to ‘Strolling Through Ulysses’ to ramble through it’s pages.


Episode One -  Sunday Feb 6th 7am (Repeated Saturday Feb 12th 9pm)

Episode Two -  Sunday Feb 13th 7am (Repeated Saturday Feb 19th 9pm)

‘Strolling Through Ulysses’ written and narrated by Robert Gogan. Script editing, various voices and direction by Eimear Finan. Produced, recorded and edited by Alan Meaney.  Music played by Danny Weir. Bloom Played by Paul Fred McCloskey. The Reader played by Tracy Bruen. Molly/Milly played by Zita Monahan-McGowan. Stephen played by John Rogers. Various voices by Bob Kelly, Francis Finan, Órla Mc Govern and Conor Geoghegan.

This programme is funded by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland, with the Television Licence Fee.

Listen to Strolling Through Ulysses: