Sound Conversations
Sound Conversations Radio Documentary Series

Sound Conversations is a short radio documentary series, showcasing the work and creative inspiration of fifteen of Ireland’s most exciting sound practitioners across a wide spectrum of audio disciplines – including sound art, poetry, sound therapy, broadcasting and sound design amongst others.

In a short chat with presenter La Cosa Preziosa, participants discuss their inspirations and work in sound. Each interview is recorded on location chosen by the interviewee and takes its cues from the sounds in this location.

The series was made by producer Alan Meaney and Sound Artist La Cosa Preziosa.

It is funded by the BAI with the television licence fee.

The series premiered on Feed Me Weird Things on Flirt FM 101.3 from Wednesday May 27th 2015.

Episode 15 – Anthony Kelly & David Stalling.  The Sound Artists discuss the nature of collaboration, how sound creativity can be inspired by childhood, and more.

Sound Conversations Episode List

Episode 1 – Kevin Brew – Radio Drama (Dublin)

Episode 2 – Bernard Clarke – Radio art (Dublin)

Episode 3 – Liv O’Donoghue, Dancer/ Choreographer (Dublin)

Episode 4 – Steve Fanagan – Audio Post (Dublin)

Episode 5 – Ronan Kelly- Radio Documentary (Dublin)

Episode 6 – Marta Toropow – Sound Healer (Dublin)

Episode 7 – Dr. Tony Langlois- Sound Lecturer (Limerick)

Episode 8 – Dave Lordan – Poetry (Dublin)

Episode 9 – Roisin Coyle – Visual & Sound Artist (Galway)

Episode 10 – Garret Farrell – Audio Post (Dublin)

Episode 11 – Softday – Sound Art (Limerick)

Episode 12 – Brendan Rehill- Sound engineering (Dublin)

Episode 13 – Mairead O’Connor- Radio Producer (Limerick)

Episode 14 – Colin J Morris – TV & advertising (Wicklow)

Episode 15 – Anthony Kelly & David Stalling- Sound Artists (Dun Laoghaire)

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