Midlands 103 Radio Drama

The Time Before The Tarn

‘The Time Before The Tarn’ is a radio drama, set in a near future. The phenomenon of the TV show has reached new heights of addiction and engagement. With multiple storylines evolving, it is a constant presence through which people live their lives. This compulsion is the background to the story of Mark; a shy coder and office worker for the oppressive UROK Corporation. Mark’s life revolves around work – an endless string of coding at the company’s office and ‘The Tarn’ – the fictional interactive TV show that consumes the rest of his waking hours. The action moves from the castles and battles of ‘The Tarn’ to Mark’s train commute to work. Interspersed throughout is his conversation with a mysterious man who inquires about his life, ‘The Tarn’ and about new worker Jane. She enters Mark’s life as a bright spark on a humdrum office day and he soon becomes enamoured with her. She encourages him to meet outside, to question his reality and obsession with ‘The Tarn’. But Jane is not all that she seems…

‘The Time Before The Tarn’ was broadcast on Midlands 103 on Thursday December 27th at 7pm.

Written and directed by Jason Gill
Produced, recorded and edited by Alan Meaney
Music by Kevin Free
Mark – Ronan Flynn
Psychiastrist – Martin Kelleher
Robert – Cathal McCormack
Jane – Martina Dolan
Skylan – Joe Gill
Priestess – Anne Hoey
Young Man – Joe Steiner

This programme was made with the support of the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland with the television licence fee.

Thanks to Hopscotch Multimedia, Ruth Gill, Catherine Ivers.