Midlands 103 Radio Drama

The Vampires of Killaspleen

John Carver is an American out of his depth, when he arrives in the village of Killaspleen. Both the locals and the Guinness don’t seem to agree with him. Incumbent Garda Sergeant Sheila is also feeling uncertain. Her predecessor left a note saying ‘call Drake if anything weird’. And there is something weird going on in Killaspleen; a young woman on her way home from the pub is chased through the woods with her attacker attempting to bite her neck. Garda Sheila contacts Paddy Drake, an overbearing and peculiar elderly gentleman who lives in an ancient estate in the village. His wife Elisabetha hasn’t been seen for years and the locals have begun to talk. Magdelena, their teenage daughter is dressed as a goth and seducing the besotted local men. Things come to a head when John Carver and Drake’s paths collide, bringing love, a sense of family and the solving of the case in the woods.

‘The Vampires of Killaspleen’ was broadcast on Shannonside FM on Thursday 27th December at 2pm.

The drama has been shortlisted for the 2019 IMRO Radio Awards in the Drama Category.

Writer/Director: Jason Gill
Producer/Sound Engineer/Editor: Alan Meaney
John Carver – Joe Steiner
Paddy Drake – John McGlynn
Elisabetha – Anne Hoey
Jameson – Martin Kelleher
Garda Sheila – Annette Dowling
Magdelena – Martina Dolan

This programme is made with the support of the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland with the television licence fee.

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