Witness with Siobhán Garrigan

'Witness with Siobhán Garrigan’ is a series that encompasses the

multifaceted and evolving religious, moral, and spiritual landscape of

Ireland and beyond. Through a combination of insightful,approachable,

and enjoyable content such as features, discussions, interviews, poetry

and music, the show will explore a wide range of religious beliefs and

spiritual practices. It aims to cater to a diverse audience, including

individuals with various faiths and those without any religious


Recorded in Galway, the programme places great importance on Ireland's dynamic religious culture and history, as well as fostering an understanding of the traditions and beliefs upheld by Ireland's minority faith communities.

'Witness with Siobhán Garrigan' is aired weekly on RTÉ Radio 1 on Friday nights at 10pm. It will be available on here afterwards.


Presenter- Siobhán Garrigan

Series Producer - Alan Meaney

Researcher -Alice Turpin

Sound Engineer - John Doyle

Music - Eamonn Bailey.

Listen to Witness Here: