A dark Irish comedy of greed, lust and sandwich making. Johnny Broody has two spirits watching over him, as he cares for his dying mother. His impending fortune causes many attempts to sway him in the small fictional village of Caherdaniel.

On a windswept Irish bog positioned somewhere in the afterlife, two Irish ghosts meet to narrate the story of Johnny Broody’s prime.
Johnny is a teetotal bachelor in his fifties who has spent most of his life caring for his mother, the bitter and entirely villainous Bridie. His life up to now has been cloistered and empty of incident – and most of the neighbours think he’s a bit of an eejit – but Bridie is finally about to cast off her mortal coil, and Johnny is about to come into quite a bit of money.

Johnny’s imminent affluence attracts the attention of a host of greedy neighbours, including the local Senator, who also happens to be the uncle of a girl Johnny jilted – at the fearsome Bridie’s insistence – thirty years ago. The situation is also complicated by the arrival of Johnny’s younger brother, Billy, desperate for a slice of the cake now that the old girl is finally on the way out.
Johnny isn’t quite as gormless as his neighbours assume, and he has a plan to escape – but will it be enough?

This programme is funded by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland with the Television Licence Fee.

Written and directed by Jason Gill
Produced, sound recording and editing by Alan Meaney
Music by Eamonn Bailey
Johnny Broody played by John McGlynn
Billy Broody played by Martin Kelleher
Bridie Broody played by Tina O’Hara
Female Ghost played by Chrissie Killian
Mae Ghost played by Ronan Flynn
The Doctor played by Paul Gill
Senator Donegan played by Christy Ibbotson
Nurse Lacey played by Martina Breen
Sinead Donegan played by Anne Hoey

Thanks to Orla Kirwan, Midlands 103, The Hoey family, Marion Mac Neela, The Malthouse Athlone, and Freesound users – leady, pillonoise, ragamuffin

Shortlisted for the UK International Radio Drama Festival 2017


The Prime of Johnny Broody
Article Name
The Prime of Johnny Broody
A dark Irish comedy of greed, lust and sandwich making. Produced, recorded and edited by Alan Meaney. Written and Directed by Jason Gill.
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Alan Meaney
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