Independent’s Day
A 10 part series exploring the role of Irish independent record labels in a much changed musical landscape.
Team Tom Crean
In Tom Crean’s Footsteps
Tom Crean is an Irish hero. In 1916, he was part of Ernest Shackleton’s Endurance Expedition to the Antarctic and one of the greatest adventure stories ever told. When the Endurance became trapped in pack ice and sank the crew piled into three small lifeboats and sailed to the uninhabited Elephant Island. But the rescue …
Sound Conversations Radio Documentary Series
Sound Conversations
Sound Conversations is a short radio documentary series, showcasing the work and creative inspiration of fifteen of Ireland’s most exciting sound practitioners across a wide spectrum of audio disciplines – including sound art, poetry, sound therapy, broadcasting and sound design amongst others. In a short chat with presenter La Cosa Preziosa, participants discuss their inspirations …

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